Our social:

Mission Statement

1) To promote the interests of the Matjhabeng District.

2) To publicize the tourist attractions of the area.

3) To provide a first-class information service.

4) To attract visitors and residents, to encourage the establishment of new business and generally to advance the interests of the city and district of Matjhabeng.

5) To advertise Matjhabeng and district nationally and regionally, by means of booklets, folders, press advertisements, pictures, DVDs, internet and email and any other means which may appear desirable, and to carry out this work alone or in conjunction with the Freestate Tourism Authority, Municipalities, other Publicity Bodies and the Tourist industry.

6) To conduct Information Bureau for the benefit of visitors and others; to co-operate with appropriate Government Departments and other organizations in disseminating useful information.

7) Generally to do all such other things as are incidental or conductive to the attainment of the Association.